It’s “Russian military”, not “pro-Russian forces”

Mykhaylo Skuratovkyi, Ukraine's ambassador to Denmark, shared his thoughts with about the situation in Ukraine.

After the anschluss of the Crimea, the Kremlin went over to second stage of the war on Ukraine. They have started a covert operation in the country’s East.

They stick to the same routine as in the Crimea. First – deploying professional military and mercenaries in the Ukrainian territory. Second – paying local radicals and criminals to pose as “pro-Russian forces”. Third – trying to make it look like a turmoil coming from beneath. But it doesn’t look like that at all. Unlike the December-February Euromaidan in Kyiv, it’s not a domestic uprising, but a full-blown foreign aggression against Ukraine.

There are valid proofs of “special-ops groups” being deployed on the ground. These are not Ukrainians. These are professional Russian mercenaries waging a war in the Ukrainian territory. Some of the faces have been recognized from the events in the Crimea. Some of the faces are familiar from Georgia-2008. Saboteurs with Russian citizenship are being apprehended throughout the country. These and other things, including intercepted radio traffic confirm: these are foreigners, invaders.

Ukraine is fighting back. It cannot allow the Russian-equipped, Russian-paid and Russian-deployed special-ops units spread fear on the Ukrainian people. The population in Eastern Ukraine is scared of strangers in green uniforms and masks coming and ruining their daily lives. Stopping them, protecting own people is the direct obligation of Ukraine’s government. And in doing so it’s entitled to count on global support.

Russia thinks it found a foolproof way to conduct a war – not calling things by names and flatly denying the truth. But a lie is a lie and aggression is an aggression – no matter how Russia calls it and how much smoke gets blown by the Russian propaganda machine. The world must see it. The evidence is all over the place.

On the April 13th Russia called a UN Security Council meeting to “express concern” about the situation they, in fact, created themselves. Remarkably, they didn’t call any Security Council meetings when thousands were killed in Chechnya. But this time around – they claim to be “concerned”.

Well, if they are, then there are three simple steps that would solve the problem: (1) stop doing what Russia has been doing in Ukraine for two months, (2) start immediately a settlement process and (3) return to the boundaries of international law.